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A Crow in Hell A Crow in Hell

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Pretty Awesome

I really like the simplistic visual design. I like some of the more atmospheric things as well. Such as the faded body of the monster you have to get past. The sort of liquid you have to get past as it rises and falls. Thats spot on. Its also very, very satisfying to make it to the end and scratch that bitches face up. Haha. I like the level design, its always changing, when you start nearing the end it gets a little more 'earth bound'.

I see some people are complaining about being able to 'perch'. Big deal. That'd take away a lot of the challenge and skill in the game. Why question the mechanics. I just say, fuck, its hell, its hot, you touch those walls man, and your burned to a crisp! Ah well. Its hard as hell too!

The addition of challenges, levers and such added a bit more depth to the game. It was nice to hear my song loop in the challenge mode too. I sort of felt a bit special even. I wont bother about the quality of the audio : P
I do appreciate you using my track though. Hope you like the whole piece too : D

Some things to take into consideration perhaps: Maybe instead of making you die as soon as you hit the walls or other objects you could implement more of a "health system"? Still use that feather lives display, but maybe instead of dying on spot, you just get hurt, and it takes away a feather. It became a bit tedious when you accidentally hit the arrow key a bit too much and sent the crow up into some rock out cropping when your trying to navigate meticulously.

I noticed a small glitch in my play through as well. Not sure if it was intended or not. The first section with the blowing fan, when you get out of range of the fan, and fly upwards, you get sucked towards that wall on the left. It caught me off guard and cost me a life. Might want to check it out.

And, that's my review (i'm surprised it didnt get better scores, i dont think people are patient anymore).

Again, Thanks!

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